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I hope you enjoy my site.  As a river scientist I have included a Eugene P. Macri Jr. Aquatic and Environmental Scientist at www.riverscientist.comnumber of articles to guide you on your way.  By description I am an aquatic and environmental scientist with many areas of expertise including aquatic science, entomology, phycology, microbiology, environmental geology, water chemistry, environmental analysis, systems and computer analysis. I am also a professional river keeper. My other areas of expertise include graphic design, professional photography, fly fishing instructor, computer and security analsysis. Please note I have limited the technical terms.  The site is an introduction for the public, organizations, and people who need some basic information on what river science is all about. I tried to make the site in general enough "terms" so that most people could understand the concepts.

I do consulting, lectures, seminars, and speaking engagements. I also manage waters and can advise you or your organization on improving your stream, ecosystem analysis, stocking policy, base line, benchmark studies, benthic protocols, and stream work.  I've been in this business a long time. I've worked on the best streams and rivers in America from Henry's Fork of the Snake to famed limestone spring creeks of Pennsylvania. I know what works and what doesn't. No evaluation is perfect but I can give you honest scientific opinion based on a long record of experience. I am a complete environmental scientist.  I also advise citizen's groups and individuals. You may contact me be using the form in column or as follows: (please note this is a work in progess; report all typos, grammatical errors etc. to me below)


gene (at)riverscientist.com

gene (at)flyfisher.com

gene (at) eugenemacri.com

Make sure you have the title work related in your email so I my email does not delete you as spam. Furthermore, do not use my email. address, or phone number to try and sell me something. Also, make sure you can receive a reply.  I will not fill out a form to contact you!

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